Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Italian Christmas - Christmas Gravy

I started my day on Tuesday making the Christmas Gravy. It simmered all day long on the stove and smelled so good! Hubby had to work all day, but when he got home, he couldn't resist it and had to have a taste. He declared it delicious!
Italians affectionately refer to Sauce as "Gravy". We have "every day gravy" (which is usually a simple marinara sauce, "Sunday gravy" (which usually has a little meat in it, and is also known as a Bolognese) and then there is "Christmas gravy", which is made with a variety of meats.
Growing up Italian, I would look forward to my great-grandmother's special Sicilian Christmas gravy. It was always slightly sweet and always delicious. She would use it to make her special Chicken Caccitore, which unbeknowst to use was made with rabbits raised by my great-grandfather, instead of more expensive chicken.
I always look forward to Christmas when I can make our very special gravy. I married an Italian, and over the years we've come up with our own recipe, which is a bit different than my great-grandmother's, since hubby doesn't like his gravy sweet. You may want to add a bit of sugar or a slug of Lambrusco if you do prefer this a little on the sweet side.
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