Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catching up on life & what's for dinner this week?

After much illness running through our family, and the death of my grandmother in early February, I'm back from an extended break from blogging and writing.
Hubby has been gracious enough to buy me some new kitchen appliances and gadgets, and I'm back cooking again with a vengeance!
I have a brand new Hamilton Beach Stay or Go slow cooker. I will be trying several new slow cooker/crockpot recipes over the coming months, so check back! I promise, I am back and I will be blogging at least once per week. I also have a new KitchenAid Artisan mixer and I am enjoying bread baking again! I have tried a few new recipes and will get them typed up and posted as soon as I can, one at a time.
Hubby also bought me a new set of bake ware. It's silicone and made by a company called Technique. I bought a 10-piece set from QVC for $45 on easy pay with free shipping. Averaging out to $4.50 per piece, IMHO it was quite a bargain. I once paid $13 for an 8x8 glass Pyrex baking dish, which has mysteriously disappeared from my home to my 20 year old son's apartment! Yes, I want it back! I love the set and highly recommend it. It was worth $45 and I think I will get many years of service out of the set.
We are also the proud new owners of Boudon French press and a Krupps coffee grinder. We love, love, love good coffee and are enjoying it at home for less per month than we used to spend in a week buying coffee at Tim Hortons or Starbucks. We still occasionally try Starbucks, mainly because they have a promo going right now with a new bold coffee each week. You can get a small cup for about $1.50 + tax, and they give you a stamp for your booklet. At the end of 8 weeks, if you collect all the stamps, you get a free pound of coffee. Not a bad deal, and we get to try some new coffees in the process. We do that once per week for 8 weeks, and then grab our free pound and go home! The rest of the week I make coffee at home. I highly recommend the new Folgers Black Silk coffee, if you like dark, rich coffee. It's quite bold and quite delicious!
I wrote out my menu plans for dinners this week on Sunday. There have been a few changes due to running out of things or not having what I thought I had on hand (because some people forget to cross things off the list when they use them!).

Here we go:
Sunday 3/21/10
beer battered cod fillets
french fries
onion rings
steamed broccoli (nobody ate this, so I saved it for Wednesday to use instead of spinach)
vanilla pudding & peach parfaits with whipped cream (ran out of heavy whipping cream, so I served them without the whipped cream - delicious anyway).

Monday 3/22/10
pot roast with potatoes & carrots
sweet & sour cabbage (nobody ate this, so saved for Sunday's Reuben sandwiches instead of sauerkraut)
green beans (nobody wanted them, so I saved them for another night)

Tuesday 3/23/10
Mexican pulled pork burritos with:
salsa (homemade)
guacamole (homemade)
shredded lettuce
chopped onions (they wanted sauteed red peppers & onions instead. Had a red pepper that needed to be used up)
black beans & brown rice (because I made cheese sauce - from the freezer - and nachos, no one wanted this so I'll save this and make soup another night)

Wednesday 3/24/10
cannelloni with ricotta & spinach filling (no spinach, used the broccoli from Monday. The cannelloni broke, no matter how careful I am the store bought kind always do, so I made an impromptu lasagna with them in the crockpot).
meatballs & Italian sausage with marinara sauce (no Italian sausage, so just meatballs. Had a little evaporated milk and 2 mini bottles of vodka I wanted to use up, so I made a vodka sauce instead).
bread & butter (made homemade garlic bread)

Thursday 3/25/10
grab whatever you want from the fridge or freezer (there isn't much left since everyone has been eating the leftovers for lunch - probably will have barbecue beef on rolls, leftover coleslaw and acorn squash).

Friday 3/26/10
Pizza Night
celery & carrot sticks with blue cheese and/or ranch dressing (hubby wants to go out for Chinese food - it's his night to cook so we'll do what he wants. It's been awhile since we went out anyway).

Saturday 3/27/10
grab whatever you want from the fridge or freezer (there's not much leftover, so probably do the Pizza Night tonight)

Sunday 3/28/10
Reuben sandwiches with homemade kraut & homemade Russian dressing
salad (going to use the leftover sweet & sour cabbage in place of kraut)
soup (not sure yet what kind, but I have lots of stuff in the freezer to make any kind at all)
'Till next time...Frugally Yours!
Rachael Monaco

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