Sunday, May 23, 2010

Date night can be almost free

Money's tight, right? I'm trying to save money wherever and whenever I can. We're not ordering take out, we're not dining out, we're cooking at home a lot more. I'm taking my lunch to work every day, we're making our coffee at home. It still seems as if we aren't coming out ahead at the end of each month. I had to attack the "Date Night" budget and find free or really cheap stuff to do.

Last week we went to the drive-in movie and saw two movies for $12 ($6 each). We popped our own popcorn at home, bought some inexpensive soda and cheap plastic cups. Gas money to get there and home, figure about $3. Total cost of Date Night? About $20. Savings? Depends, but average savings about $40. Hmmmmm....maybe I'm on to something here?

This weekend we stayed in because there wasn't anything up at the drive in that we wanted to see. We watched our Netflix discs (average $4 per week), then we watched a couple movies from our "Watch Instantly" queue (cost of Roku player $130, about $2.50 per week for 1 year, then it's basically free), hot dogs, potato salad, beans and ice cream sandwiches (about $8 for two for dinner). Cost of Date Night at home this week? Under $15. Hmmmm.....I think we're onto something here!

What creative ways have you come up with to create a "Date Night" for you and your significant other?

Till Next Time!
Frugally Yours,

Rachael Monaco

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