Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free or nearly free activities, samples and other things for 5/27/10

Good morning! I'm on vacation for the next 5 days, but found myself wide awake this morning at my usual time. The sun was shining and that made me smile. I found one of my kitty cats sitting in the window next to my bed and when I woke up he meowed at me. It was as if he were saying, "Good morning, Mom! I've been waiting for you to wake up, it's it a beautiful day?" Harley is an almost 3 year old Rag Doll that I received from Freecycle. Without Freecycle, I would never have had such a wonderful companion.

My other kitty cat, Peanut, is an almost 3 year old albino American white shorthair. Another Freecycle cat! My life is filled with so much laughter and joy because of them! As a matter of fact, all my kitty cats have come from Freecycle. I had a lovely Himalayan who passed last year from feline PKD. Gracie was my first kitty cat, and the joy of my life. I miss her so much, and she was the best thing I ever got from Freecycle.

Stanley was another kitty cat that we got from Freecycle. He came along with Peanut. Stanley passed recently from kidney failure. Another joy from Freecycle.
If you've never heard of Freecycle, I encourage you to check out their website for more information. I've been a part of my local Freecycle group for about 6 years and have received many wonderful things, and I've given away many things that were no longer useful to me, but found a home with someone who needed them and maybe couldn't afford them otherwise. Or, at the very least, they didn't end up in a landfill and they were used to their maximum capacity.

So, what free stuff, discount codes and contests did I find today? I hope you enjoy!

Till next time!
Frugally yours,

Rachael Monaco

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