Friday, May 28, 2010

Free stuff you can get on your birthday or birthday week

My 43rd birthday is approaching in August, and I've been looking around the internet trying to find stuff to do with my husband that isn't too expensive. We're on a tight, tight budget this year. I don't want any presents, as my husband has been wonderful and blessed me with all kind of new kitchen equipment and clothes already this year when we received our tax return. My kitchen won't hold one more item of gadgetry at this point and I have enough clothes to make me happy (I'm not much of a fashionista). Instead I have asked that we spend the weekend together. I have a 5 day vacation around my birthday and I want to spend it doing fun things that don't cost much.
Dining out, drive-in movie, going to the thrift store, checking out garage sales, maybe a drive to the Fingerlake region and an impromptu wine tasting, or perhaps taking in a Bison's baseball game, that's my idea of a relaxing vacation.
In my searching around the internet, I found a few cool birthday freebies that I thought would be nice to share with you.
A couple of other birthday freebies I found that I didn't put in that blog are:

Sign up FREE for Dunkin Donuts Perks and get a coupon for a free beverage on your birthday.

Sign up FREE for Ruby Tuesday's Birthday club, get a free burger on your birthday

Sign up FREE for Red Robin's Birthday club, get a free burger on your birthday

I signed hubby and the boys up for all the birthday freebies, too! We'll enjoy them again and again and again. Most birthday clubs that I found require children to be 13+. I'm looking around the internet to find birthday freebies for the younger kids. Those will follow in another blog.

Till next time!
Frugally Yours,

Rachael Monaco

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