Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free or nearly free samples, activities, printable coupons and other things for 6/16/10

It's Wednesday and I'm adjusting to a new work schedule. After months of working Monday, Thursday & Friday, I've been changed to Monday, Tuesday & Friday. I do like having Saturday and Sunday off, then working Monday and Tuesday and then having 2 more days off then working one day! Tuesdays at work, however, are challenging. It will take me a little time to get used to the dynamics of the Tuesday team. There seems to be a lot of negative energy swirling around the office on Tuesdays for some reason. I'm not particularly happy with that, as I don't like negative people or negative energy.

Since this is not a pay week (both hubby and I get paid every two weeks, and it's the same week), we're having a "making due with what we have" week. I did grocery shop last week, and I did spend $180 on groceries and household necessities, so it's not like we have nothing. The cupboards are not even close to bare. I'm trying to make it through until next Thursday (6/24/10) without buying any fresh produce or dairy products. Usually we run out of all the fresh produce and dairy products about this time on a non-pay week, but due to smart shopping and freezing, I still have lots of freshly frozen fruits in the freezer. We may need milk, but I'm trying to stretch that too. I bought yogurt on sale 4/$1 last week at Save-A-Lot and instead of drinking milk, I've been eating that once a day. I also found cheese on sale last week, so instead of milk, I'm eating cheese. I'll let you know how that turns out. I may break over the weekend and buy a gallon of milk.

For some unknown reason, I've been craving Sticky Chicken and I decided to make that in the crockpot tonight for dinner. I'm out of whole chickens, but have plenty of split breasts, so I'm substituting. I'll round out dinner with pinto beans and brown rice, broccoli and a salad. Dessert will be sugar-free vanilla pudding made with canned evaporated milk (it's really quite good made that way!) and fresh strawberries from the freezer.

Here is the link to today's freebies & printable coupons. Until next time!
Frugally yours,

Rachael Monaco

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