Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crockpot chicken parisienne recipe

Crockpot chicken parisienne recipe
Drag out the crockpot, if you haven't already! It's time for my bi-annual "share the crockpot recipes" extravaganza!
My youngest turns 17 on Sunday and starts his final year of high school on Tuesday. YIKES! Where DID the time go? The first week of back-to-school has always been stressful for me, and it feels more so this year. I'll be staring a new job next week and instead of working 3 days each week, 8 hours per day, I'll be working 2 days per week, 13 hours per day. It's going to be quite a change, but I'll actually be home MORE than I was in the past. I'll be working 5 more hours per pay period (I'm paid biweekly) and I'll receive a shift differential of $1.60 per hour from 3pm until 7pm, so I'll make more money. I won't be working weekends, holidays or late nights. It's actually a blessing. I was bumped out of my previous job due to clinic closings. All in all, it may just work out for the best.

I've got a couple of day vacation next week, I always take a few days the first week of school to ease the transition. Then I'll start my new job, possibly mid-week. I own two crockpots, one sits on my counter and I use it at least once per week. The other I dragged out of the cupboard and cleaned it up this past weekend. I dragged out all my crockpot recipes and scanned them into the computer and then saved them on something called a zipdrive that my son gave me. On Monday, while my poor hubby has to work, I'm going to prepare meals for the rest of the week in my two crockpots. This will help with my stress levels and hopefully keep the shouting matches between my son and I to a minimum.

Happy cooking!

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