Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuffed cabbage rolls: it's what's for dinner

I admit it, I love cabbage. Cabbage is good for you, it's been reported that it helps fight cancer. Sadly, cabbage doesn't always like me. I always love stuffed cabbage rolls, no matter if they like me or not.
Cabbage isn't always healthy, however. You can make this recipe with soy crumbles or reconstituted TVP. You'll need to amp up the spices a little bit (but NOT the cloves. If you don't like cloves, don't add them at all, they'll ruin your enjoyment of this dish). You can also use a vegan egg substitute for the eggs in this dish.
I like to use tomato soup undiluted, some people like to add milk or water to it. I find that if you dilute the milk you get a very thin sauce or you have to thicken it with cornstarch. Why bother? Just use it undiluted.
This is a great recipe to make in bulk and freeze in two cabbage roll portions for lunches or future dinners. I'd love to hear if you tried this stuffed cabbage roll recipe (in the crockpot or not) and enjoyed it and what changes you may have made.

Until next time, I remain Frugally Yours!
Rachael Monaco

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