Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Planning a wedding on a budget

Recently I've been on a kick watching a variety of  "wedding shows" on television. Frankly, I have to admit I am disgusted at the money that is splashed around on weddings! Shocked, disgusted, dismayed, this just scratches the surface. Chocolate fountains, customized dance floors, personalized cakes, light shows, after parties (following the reception??), cigar bars, food stations BEFORE dinner is served??? Are they kidding me?

With the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton on the horizon, I decided to write a series of articles about getting engaged and married on a tight budget. My hubby and I will be married 13 years on July 24th, and I thought we managed quite a lovely wedding for 80 guests, everything from the engagement ring, wedding bands, the dress, the shoes, the venue, the reception and the honeymoon for under $6,000, which was a lot of money to us back then.
I hope this helps many a bride and groom in planning their own 'Royal Wedding' on a budget.

Till next time, I remain Frugally Yours!
Rachael Monaco

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