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Mothers day brunch ideas

Sunday May 8, 2011 is Mothers Day in the United States, and lots of families will be headed out for various meals. My favorite thing on Mothers Day is brunch. Since I was about 13 years old, I've loved making brunch for my mom. This year is no exception. There are many years when we went out for brunch, sometimes fancy, sometimes just to Old Country Buffet. This year I will make brunch for my mom again.

Even though I am grown with children (heck, at 21 and almost 18, my boys are grown), I still enjoy making brunch for my mommy. I hope to have my wonderful mother for many more years to come. I know she's not old (shhhh...don't tell anyone, she'll be 63 this September. I think that's still pretty young, she calls herself the old lady. I'm praying the good Lord blesses us with another 20 to 30 years together on this Earth. I pray the good Lord lets her live long enough to enjoy her great-grandchildren as much as she enjoys her grandchildren. I grew up with a great-grandmother till I was 15 years old and it was the most amazing experience. Then God chose to take not only my great-grandmother, but my adored and cherished grandmother. First my grandmother on April 15, 1983 and then my great-grandmother in May 1983. I've never been the same, I've never completely recovered from the double loss. Every year on the anniversary of my grandmother's passing I think about how much she would have enjoyed her great-grandchildren. I think about my children, how they've only grown up with one set of grandparents, one great-grandmother who lives 3,000 miles away and a great-grandfather and step great-grandmother who they barely knew, even though they lived less than 10 miles away. My boys have been blessed with one set of grandparents who adore and worship them, but they lost out on an amazing experience, the experience of having an adoring and loving great-grandparent.

This is why Mothers Day is so important to me. When people say, "Oh, YOUR cooking? Don't your children cook for YOU?", it bugs me a bit. I love to cook, it's very relaxing for me. It's a passion. My boys help me out. They do grocery runs, grab things out of the fridge for me to do prep work, they clean up after me, do dishes, run the dishwasher. On Sunday they'll load up all the food for the trek to Grammy and Pa's house. They'll spend a couple of hours with their grandparents, listening to their stories and advice. THIS is the Mothers Day gift *I* want and get every single year. I am truly blessed, truly loved and truly happy. This is my life.

Over the years I have compiled mega loads of recipes, and yes...I've tried every single one. I love brunch, and I love to cook. I hope you'll enjoy my recipes as much as we have.

Chocolate ganache cake
One year we wanted to do a fancy brunch, more like a dinner. My mom loves it when we get a little fancy, makes her feel very special. Since she and Dad don't go out much to eat for a variety of reasons, whenever she gets a restaurant quality dinner at home, she raves and gets all excited. One year for brunch we went all out and made Wolfgang Puck's smoked salmon pizza, goat cheese and arugula salad with grape tomatoes, short ribs braised in Port wine, creamy polenta and for dessert my boys whipped up a chocolate ganache cake. Click the link for all the recipes for an elegant brunch on a budget.

Traditional Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding

My mom loves to go to English Teas. She scouts them out in the area and a couple times a year we go together, just she and I. One Mothers Day we recreated an English Tea at home for her on Mothers Day. She loved it. For all the recipes we used for English High Tea (as my mom likes to call it), click the link. The cucumber and tea sandwich spreads are wonderful, as is the potted shrimp. Later in the evening we served a traditional Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding. Mom couldn't have been more thrilled and raved about this Mothers Day for years.
Photo courtesy of Deanna Polito-Laughinghouse
When my boys were small, at one time or another each was a picky eater. Having food that was kid friendly AND that the adults liked was a challenge. Our favorite kid and adult approved Mothers Day lunch consisted of homemade spaghetti-os, English muffin pizzas, crockpot corndog casserole, and milkshakes. Not long ago the Raleigh Cooking Examiner published a recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip brownies that reminded me of the dessert we used to serve. Click the ling for all the recipes for a kid food approved Mothers Day.

Carrot raisin muffins using Muffin Master Mix recipe

Still stumped? I've got lots of recipes and suggestions for you. It doesn't have to be complicated. I've compiled a listing of recipes and more for you to use as a handy reference. Wine suggestions, Master Muffin mix recipe, Make Your Own cake mix recipe, appetizer recipes, soups, salads, waffles, and much, much more. You can't lose with any of these delicious Mothers Day brunch recipes and ideas.

Till next time, I remain Frugally Yours!
Rachael Monaco

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