Monday, January 16, 2012

Pantry Challenge Day Five: Belgian waffles and Greek meatballs

We slept in on Sunday and when we got up I made Belgian waffles for breakfast/lunch. This is the first full week of our pantry challenge. Had to buy cucumbers and milk on day five. My refrigerator is looking decidedly empty, as are some of my cupboards. It made me panic a little bit, but gave me some satisfaction. I have almost no produce left, save a couple of zucchini, a little lettuce, some radishes, carrots, onions, a couple of apples and oranges and a few potatoes. Seems we're drinking a lot of milk, as we ran our pretty fast. There is plenty of almond and soy milk. If we run out again before Wednesday, they'll just have to drink that.
Belgian waffle with cranberry jam and powdered sugar

Belgian waffle with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream

We ate a late lunch/early dinner and picked at the leftovers later in the evening. It was a lovely relaxing day. Hubby watched football, later I watched the Golden Globe Awards. Read a bit, went to sleep. We're drinking a lot of water these days.

I modified a Belgian waffle recipe I had, changed it a little. The waffles turned out wonderfully. I made them in the Waring Belgian waffle maker I got for Christmas. Fantastic investment, really. At local restaurants the same thing I made at home for pennies would have cost at least $7, not including coffee. I made four Belgian waffle breakfasts which would have cost $7 each for about $5, and that includes the coffee.

Dinner was fantastic, and I especially enjoyed the tzatziki and hummus. A mixed plate of tzatziki, hummus, pita and veggies costs about $9+ in most Greek restaurants in the area, and they put it on the appetizer side of the menu. I made enough for four people for less than $9, and I think mine taste much better.

I made up my own Greek meatball recipe, combining two recipes I had. I promise to get the combo recipe typed up and published later today. 

We tried a new cookie recipe yesterday, and I must say, they were delicious. I made small cookies, and the original recipe says you'll get 20 to 24 cookies, but it looks as if I'll get four dozen small cookies out of the recipe. Okay by me! They're delicious and rich and two small cookies is all you need for a nice snack. I promise to have that cookie recipe with my changes published either today or tomorrow.

Breakfast: Belgian waffles with cranberry jam, walnuts and whipped cream. Coffee.

Lunch/Dinner: Greek meatballs, pitas, salad of shredded lettuce, carrots and chopped tomatoes, tzatziki, hummus, baked tortillas, celery, carrots and cucumbers for dipping. Tried a new cookie recipe for dessert.


Total spent on groceries: $5.47
Total spent on take out: $0

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