Monday, January 16, 2012

Pantry Challenge Day Six: Pretzel-scotch cookie recipe, pizza dough recipe, pizza sauce recipe, Belgian waffle recipe

My poor refrigerator is crying out for dairy, vegan dairy and produce. There's enough lettuce left for a salad, with a few sad little radishes and tiny piece of green pepper. All the oranges, bananas and apples are gone. There are a few lonely potatoes and a few onions. Little bit of butter, some vegan cream cheese, a little coconut milk. 

Woke up early, I think I'm getting a cold or sinus infection again because I couldn't breathe. Went back to bed once my meds started working. Woke up and had leftover Belgian waffles and a cup of coffee for breakfast.
Pretzel-scotch chocolate chip cookies

Pizza cravings got the better of all of us, so we made pizza for lunch. Made pizza dough, pizza sauce and spiced some ground pork to taste like Italian sausage. Used up the rest of the shredded mozzarella and a few sprinkles of grated Parmesan. Delicious! Two slices left for someone's lunch tomorrow.

Dinner? Leftovers. Pizza, beef vegetable soup and baked rigatoni to finish up. Still have a lot of soup, which I'll probably have with a tuna sandwich for lunch tomorrow. 

For dessert we had some more of the delicious pretzel-scotch chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday

Thank goodness tomorrow is grocery shopping day. Once I have produce, dairy and vegan dairy in the house again I'll breathe a sigh of relief.

The cupboards and freezer are starting to look a little bare, too. Amazing how much we use when we're "forced" to use it!

How are you doing on your pantry challenge? 
Till next time, I remain Frugally yours!

Rachael Monaco

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  1. Those cookies look absolutely amazing! Cannot wait to make them - thank you! Hope you are feeling better :)