Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunday family suppers: Mo's java pot roast, an old favorite

I love when everyone is home for Sunday dinner. As my boys have grown up, that isn't always the case, most Sunday's it's just my hubby and I. But when the get home later in the evening, they always dive into whatever leftovers there are from Sunday dinner.
Mo's java pot roast is a family favorite for Sunday dinner

My younger son, now 18, used to be a very picky eater. It was torture trying to get him to eat anything other than mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey. Mo's java pot roast changed all that. The method used to cook the pot roast allows it to cook low and slow, making it tender and delicious. This is the single most requested recipe for Sunday dinner in our home.

And for those with picky eaters, keep on trying! By the time my younger son was 6 years old he would try anything and would eat just about anything. Just keep offering and encouraging!

Till next time I remain Frugally Yours,

Rachael Monaco

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