Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcoming winter to Western New York: Walnut spice cake recipe

This morning Western New York woke up to winter. Usually winter has blown through the Buffalo area before it's even officially winter, sometime in late October or early November. Sometimes winter holds off until mid to late November, but always has shown its colors of white and ice by early December. We've had a few inches, and in ski country they've had a bit more, but today winter arrived, knocked on the door and said HELLO!

Walnut spice cake

Today was a good day to stay home and bake and cook. We dragged out one of our favorite recipes, walnut spice cake. Simple, delicious, made without eggs or milk. We don't even frost it. We just top it with some chopped walnuts and cut the walnut spice cake into 9 squares and eat it warm with a glass of milk. It's the perfect after-school snack.

Till next time I remain Frugally Yours,
Rachael Monaco

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