Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thoughts of Summer: Crock pot cooking to save you money

Every summer since I began cooking at the age of 8 I've noticed something. It's too hot to cook! Even grilling or barbecuing makes me feel overheated. Every summer I vow that we will not bust our budget on take out food, and every summer by the hottest and most humid of days in mid-August I'm begging my hubby to order out or take me to an air conditioned restaurant.
With summer just about 2 months away, I've begun pulling out the recipes I think can get us through another long, hot, humid summer in Western New York. Yeah, Buffalo gets pretty hot, humid and sticky from about mid-July to mid-August.
This summer, armed once again with my trusty slow cookers and George Foreman grill, I vow to keep the dining out budget under control. Oh, and several gift certificates purchased at rock bottom prices and squirreled away for emergencies!

Creole chicken in the crock pot or slow cooker - buy chicken pieces on sale, stock up the freezer. Purchase local produce or use what you have in your garden for an extra touch of frugality.

More recipes to come! Check back soon and often!

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  1. Great energy saving tip for summer,thanks for sharing it.