Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day recipes: Easy brunch ideas Dad and the kids can make

Mother's Day is the one day of the year I prefer not to cook. I have prepared many a Mother's Day brunch for my own Mom, but as I've gotten older I've turned the duties over to my children. They're grown now, and both are students of the culinary arts, and both prefer recipes a little more complicated than the first recipes I taught them how to cook.

One of my all time favorite recipes for Mother's Day brunch is fresh fruit salad with poppy seed dressing.
With a little help from dad, kids can make this recipe for Mom. I love the flavors of the raspberries, lime and poppy seeds.

You can make a simple breakfast with this delicious fresh salad, fresh bagels, cream cheese and maybe some lox. Don't forget the coffee and tea!
Having a delicious home cooked breakfast at home saves you the money of brunch out, which can cost over $100 for a family of 4, as well as the aggravation of dealing with crowds at most restaurants on Mother's Day. Plus, teaching the kids to cook early instills a love of food in them. You never know where that might lead them!
Until next time, I remain frugally yours!
Rachael Monaco

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  1. Thanks, that was such a simple yet sounding quite tasty breakfast!