Friday, September 19, 2014

How to poach an egg - not as difficult as you think it is

When I had my surgery my husband filled in for me in the cooking department. He also filled in with recipes and how to instructions!

This morning I told you I was making Rachael a poached egg on an English muffin half with some wafer thin sliced turkey, cheddar cheese and spinach. They turned out very delicious and now she insists I share the recipe with you. 

Before I share the recipe I want to tell you how to poach an egg. When I was typing up the recipe I put poach the eggs in the instructions. Miss Know-it-all said, "you know, some people might not know how to do that. You need to tell them how to do that!" Okay! 

You'll need a small pot, a slotted spoon, some white vinegar, 2 large eggs -- or whatever size you want to use -- and some salt. And water, you'll need water.

Put a few inches of water in the small pot, not too big. It's really best to poach eggs one at a time, but you can do two just be careful. Add a bit of white vinegar, maybe 1 teaspoon -- that should be enough. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH because your eggs will taste crappy. The vinegar helps the eggs keep their shape (Rachael told me to tell you that).

Do NOT boil the water, just bring it to a simmer. You want very hot water, but not boiling water because then the delicate egg will break -- and you don't want a broken yolk.

Break the egg into a small dish and then slide the egg gently into the middle of the simmering hot water in the pot. Using a rubber spatula, gently move the egg around to make sure the egg white and yolk stay together and the egg white doesn't go all stringy in the pot on you.

It will take a few minutes for your egg to poach all the way through, watch it carefully! Some people like a really runny yolk, some like a more firm yolk, some like it somewhere in between. Your choice, but make sure the white is cooked or you get that slimy gross white uncooked stringy bit and that's nasty.

Scoop the egg out with the slotted spoon and let as much water drain off as possible. Place on top of your toasted and buttered bread or English muffin.

And that is how to poach and egg. Now for the recipe! Here it is -->

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